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Does classroom based training adequately prepare emergency response workers?

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As an Emergency Services worker, you don’t work an average office job…so why would you train in the confines of the classroom?

Wouldn’t it be great to complete training which is engaging, interesting and memorable – and most importantly, which is a better reflection of the situations and environments you face daily?

At Ruth Lee we are committed to helping professionals who save lives to train effectively. We are experts in the manufacture of rescue training manikins and other products. With more than 60 years’ experience, we have created a range of training manikins after consultation with the Ambulance Service, Fire & Rescue Service, Armed Forces and other rescue teams.

We believe that realistic training is vital to enable healthcare professionals to prepare mentally for any kind of emergency which they may encounter. 

Realistic training scenarios help professionals gain real skills

In 2016, many healthcare workers participated in Exercise Unified Response (EUR), a large scale and complex, live and command post exercise based on a significant building collapse and incorporating heavy transport and mass causalities.

Ruth Lee, supplied a range of training manikins to this multi-agency exercise, to help represent ‘casualties’ trapped in difficult situations, including an impalement. Using one of our Multi-Trauma manikins, which has detachable limbs to simulate partial or full dismemberment, as well as impalement capabilities, emergency workers then had to work together to construct a plan to rescue the ‘casualty’ safely.

Ruth Lee Ltd also recently helped the North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency to create a realistic emergency scenario in one of their tunnels. This training exercise simulated a car crash, where two vehicles had burst into flames, causing that area of the tunnel to fill with smoke. As well as providing manikins, we supplied a range of smoke machines, lighting and theatrical props, which created a realistic, yet safe, training exercise.

Step out of the classroom

We hope you’ll agree the above training exercises sound interesting and relevant.

Remember, just because you want to create something more realistic than classroom training, it doesn’t mean that you need to work on such a large scale, or spend massive parts of your budget. We can advise on a range of suitable training manikins and fire simulation products which will help you create memorable training.

You could consider using one of Ruth Lee’s Full-Bodied Airway Management or CPR manikins and partially trapping it under some rubble. Alternatively, consider how you would help a bariatric patient who has fallen whilst getting out of the shower in a small bathroom. We have a range of Bariatric manikins to help you train for this scenario.

Above all, Ruth Lee can help you to think creatively and ‘realistically’ to create training which is much better suited to the emergency situations you deal with daily...we are sure you and your patients will see the benefits. 

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