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How effective is your emergency evacuation plan?

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Are you confident that your emergency evacuation plan is as robust as it needs to be? Are you confident your staff would cope and keep a clear head in a genuine crisis such as a fire?  

As a trainer, there is a fine line between providing effective training which delivers all learning outcomes, and one which is a true reflection of what your team might face in a real emergency scenario.

Whether you manage the fire evacuation training for a large manufacturing plant, or are involved in emergency evacuation planning for a hospital, airport or large venue, there are products designed to help create a realistic, yet safe, emergency situation. 

At Ruth Lee Ltd we have products which will help you create realistic training scenarios and which will leave your staff feeling better prepared to face an emergency.

Our training manikins are extremely useful for emergency evacuation training, allowing your staff to develop plans as to how they evacuate injured or vulnerable people (and patients) in an emergency situation. As well as Patient Handling Manikins, we provide a range of Bariatric Manikins so you can plan how you would safely evacuate an obese person in the event of an emergency evacuation. As well as our market-leading range of manikins, we are proud to be British Distributors for FireWare Fire Simulation products.

During a routine fire drill, urgency is perhaps not of the essence – you’ll notice people stop to pick up their coat, gulp down their coffee, or wait for their friends…. but add some smoke, the smell of burning and the sound of a roaring fire…you can bet that everyone’s heart rate will go up a notch!

Fire Simulation lets you create very realistic ‘emergencies’ in your own business. Using smoke machines, sound machines, silk flames and even ‘burning smell’ aerosol, you can create a memorable fire drill which must be seen to be believed!  They are quick and easy to set up and leave no mess. Flick a switch, open a window and in ten minutes everything will be back to normal.

This video is from an exercise we recently helped the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency to set up in one of their tunnels. This video demonstrates how easy it is to create a realistic and safe ‘emergency’ using fire simulation products. Imagine this fire in a confined space - the effects are even more dramatic!

The photos in this blog all demonstrate fires created using FireWare products…could you tell the difference between these and a real fire?

Creating a fire emergency scenario could cost less than you think! We think you will be surprised by what a small part of your budget could provide you with.

Call us today on 01490 413 282 for advice on what you can do to set up a training exercise your staff will talk about for a long time to come!

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