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Hurray for Hollywood

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So The Oscars ceremony may have been a little 'disorganised' this year, but we still love the celebration of talent! Reflecting on the winners, we thought we would do our own ‘ceremony' to honour some of our own star performers.

Ruth Lee manikins are seasoned performers and as well as multiple uses for emergency and rescue training, they have been used in a wide-range of TV and film assignments! Here is just a snap shot of some of our worthy winners.


One of our specially adapted manikins had a starring role in the popular Hollywood film Pan.

In one scene, the Lost Boys are kidnapped from an orphanage by Pirates and the scene shows the boys being hauled from their beds by their arms and up into the air.

We designed a special manikin to fly through the air for this sequence - we are sure the young actors appreciated the rest on their own limbs!



A manikin was supplied to the filmmakers of Hollywood blockbuster Prometheus, Directed by Ridley Scott.

Our manikin earns our award for ‘Bravest Stunt Man' by acting as a body double in a scene where a character was run over by a vehicle!



The BBC's highly acclaimed crime drama Silent Witness recently used one of our manikins for a sequence where the detectives were trying to determine where a body would end up if it was thrown into the River Thames. Our Man Overboard dummy is seen floating down river for several shots before revealing to the detectives where the body was located.


Also Nominated…

This is just a taster of the film and television stardom enjoyed by our manikins! They have also appeared on Granada TV's Emmerdale (to act as body double for someone jumping off a cliff and for a body in a lake), plus an appearance in Hollywood blockbuster X-Men (First Class). We also supplied a manikin to be used in a TV drama telling the story of the infamous Kray Twins. In that programme, our manikin was rolled up in carpet and thrown into the river to meet a watery end!

With all of the above, surely Ruth Lee deserve the accolade of:

Best Supporting Man(ikin)

Be sure to take a look at our range of manikins to find out which is the best manikin for your training. 

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