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The BBC recently reported that Premier League football club Manchester United have appointed a counter-terrorism manager.

The appointment comes not long after the Club was forced to postpone a game back in May 2016 when a fake bomb which had been used in a training exercise earlier that week was found in a toilet.

Due to the number of attacks in recent years, more and more organisations, sports clubs and leisure venues are aware and concerned about the potential for terrorism.

Sadly, terrorists select areas which will have a high footfall – sports events, shopping centres, festivals, music gigs, even the Christmas markets in 2016, with the ultimate aim of causing the maximum amount of devastation, and consequently, publicity for their cause.

It’s becoming increasingly common to hear about actual and thwarted terrorist attacks in the UK and the rest of Europe and therefore venues that can house large numbers of people need to be prepared to cope in an emergency.

Manchester United have taken positive steps by appointing a former inspector from the Greater Manchester Police. Having worked in the force’s specialist search unit, we are sure that the new counter-terrorism manager has a wealth of experience in preparing for emergency situations.

All of the UK’s Emergency Services do a great job, often in very challenging situations. They undergo extensive training in a range of rescue scenarios to ensure that if/when the worst happens, they are able to respond quickly and confidently to ensure the minimum amount of casualties and fatalities.


Here at Ruth Lee we are proud to supply the Emergency Services with specialist training equipment which allows them to prepare strategies for coping with large-scale emergency situations. In 2016, we supplied a range of manikins to Exercise Unified Response (EUR) - the biggest multi-agency training exercise in history.  EUR was a large scale and complex, live and command post exercise based on a significant building collapse and incorporating heavy transport and mass causalities. This exercise was intended to help those who work in the Emergency Services to gain experience of working in such a large scale disaster area.

Realistic training is proven to be the best way of learning to handle difficult rescue scenarios.


In 2016, security expert Baroness Ruth Henig encouraged government to rethink licencing laws, to make sure that entertainment venues in the UK undergo counter-terror training as part of their licencing agreement.

Are you responsible for training at a large sports or entertainment venue? Ruth Lee can provide you with equipment to help plan and prepare for something we hope will never happen. As well as basic Mass Casualty manikins, which are lightweight, at just 8 Kg for easy handling and positioning, we have also developed a range of manikins which are suited to different training scenarios, such as our multi-trauma manikin which has detachable limbs to allow rescuers to learn to deal with manoeuvring casualties with a severed limb or amputation.

We also provide specialist Urban Search and Rescue manikins which has an incorporated shoutbox which provides the dummy with the power of speech, and a Full Bodied Airway Management manikin which allows groups to practise CPR out of the classroom and in more challenging environments. Both of these manikins are excellent and realistic training resources.

All of our products have been developed and designed after consultation with our customers, the majority of which are from the Emergency Services and Military. So you can be assured that our manikins are built by experts, for experts in the field of emergency rescue.

For more advice about training manikins or equipment to create realistic rescue training scenarios, call us today on 01490 413 282 and we will help you to find the perfect product for your venue.  


Link Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38661302

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