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Why stimulating the senses is vital for effective training

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If you work in the emergency services you will know full well that no day is ever the same. There is no knowing what emergency situation you might face on a day-to-day basis, but one thing is guaranteed – if you have trained in a variety of simulated rescue scenarios, you are much more likely to respond positively when you face a real emergency.


From hazmat scenes created by an over-turned lorry leaking fuel onto the tarmac, and challenging search and rescue operations amongst mangled steelwork and rubble in a building collapse, to crowd management during a disaster at a large scale public event such as a sports venue – emergency services workers are expected to perform in mentally and physically challenging environments which are often an assault on your senses.



Prepare for anything – stimulate the senses

During an emergency, in addition to obvious dangers seen to the eye, you might encounter unusual sounds, powerful odours and extreme temperatures that could throw you off balance and lead to confusion, putting you and the people you are trying to help into further danger if you have not been properly trained.

At Ruth Lee Ltd we are experts in helping rescue professionals create realistic training scenarios that stimulate the senses, leading to improved muscle memory and sharper reactions. 

We believe that for training to be effective, it needs to be as realistic as possible.


See it, feel it, hear it, smell it…and taste success


As well as our extensive range of rescue training manikins, all of which have been designed with specific rescue scenarios in mind, we can also provide a range of simulation products. These can help you to create realistic fires, explosions and other simulated emergencies quickly and easily.  

There are numerous options available and with a variety of products you can create many different scenarios to suit your budget and individual training requirements.


If you are based in the UK, our Sales Team can visit you to provide a FREE, no obligation  demonstration of these products. In this case, seeing really is believing – we think you will be very impressed by what can be achieved.  Call today on 01490 413 282 or email UK Sales Manager Stuart Cheetham stuart@ruthlee.co.uk.

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