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Pool Rescue Manikins have not seen a development like this until now…

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Traditionally, lifeguard training requires trainees to switch between plastic half torsos and volunteers part way through a scenario. This can often create ‘disjointed’ processes which do not accurately represent the true challenge of retrieving an unconscious body from the water, towing it to the side and then lifting it from the water.

What if lifeguard training could be made much more realistic, without the need for multiple different manikins, or pauses to the training flow?

Our Pool Rescue manikin provides this, and much more! Designed by lifeguards, for lifeguards, this manikin has been extensively tested by lifeguards around the world along with the Royal Life Saving Society UK to suit a multitude of training scenarios from extrication from the pool using a rescue board, including the PXB, plus a variety of poolside rescues including from the flumes or emergency fire evacuation.

Recently, Edward Evans, Director at pureTraining added our Pool Rescue Manikin to the company’s training tool kit, with fantastic results!

With covid restrictions still in place, we needed a way to deliver training but still, where possible, maintain social distancing measures and reduce human contact. This manikin has enabled us to adapt our training and helped us overcome some of the Covid restrictions.

As the Adult Pool Rescue Manikin has also been approved for use in the Royal Lifesaving Society's National Pool Lifeguard Assessments, the Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Manikin ticked a number of boxes for us.

New equipment always generates new interest and has helped engage even the most seasoned of participants.  It also enabled candidates to complete a full simulated deep water recovery rescue from start to finish which previously had not been possible.

CPR training has benefited from a raft of new technology in recent years, however pool rescue manikins had not seen any new developments until now.

The Pool Rescue Manikin from Ruth Lee comes highly recommended.   It provides new Lifeguards with the most realistic rescue experience to date, as well as generating new interest for seasoned Lifeguards and Emergency Responders during on-going training.

Are you ready to transform the way you deliver Lifeguard Training? Find out more about our Pool Rescue Manikin and request a quote here, or call 01490 413282 to speak with one of our team.

Find out more about pureTraining here or follow them on social media on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn

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