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Case Study - Sarah Hampson

What drew you to Ruth Lee as a place to work?

As a marketer, you must truly believe in the products you promote. Manikins are an unusual product, but the more I researched the business in the run up to my interview, the more excited I got about the product and the business.

For me personally, I wanted to work somewhere that I believe makes a difference. I think Ruth Lee does genuinely care and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to promote such a fantastic product to customers who I respect – I get a lot of pride from offering solutions to people who save lives. It often feels like we are working with superheroes!

Sarah Hampson

Sarah Hampson

What s your background prior to joining Ruth Lee?i

I am an English graduate and have 15 years’ Marketing experience, with particular expertise in communications, PR, Social Media and content. I have worked in education, legal services and franchising, and the skills I gained working in both the public and private sector are ones I use daily to develop the marketing and communications at Ruth Lee.

Sarah Hampson

Sarah Hampson

How has the company supported you?

Because Ruth Lee Ltd started out as a family company it still retains that friendly, welcoming feeling.

I have been supported very well by the Managing Director in terms of career development and given lots of opportunities to develop my skills. This has included working with and meeting our international distributors (both in the UK and travelling internationally) and attending many Trade Fairs – essential for industry knowledge.

I have also enjoyed the opportunity to develop Ruth Lee’s social commitment projects. This has been an entirely new challenge for me, but one which is very rewarding.

My career has definitely progressed since joining the business, with the most recent promotion to International Development Manager. I greatly enjoy working with our distributors around the world and finding out more about their country, culture and business.

Sarah Hampson

Sarah Hampson

Do you have any stand out memories from your time at Ruth Lee?

Honestly, there are too many to mention!

It is hard to pick just one, but a few stand out memories include the Distributor Conference in 2017, which was held near Barmouth in North Wales. It was a beautiful setting and a fantastic opportunity to get to know some of our international resellers and find out about the challenges and opportunities in their markets – I was particularly proud that during the team building session, my team was NOT the one that tipped over the kayak, taking a chilly swim in the estuary!

Another stand out moment was attending the Daily Post Business Awards at Bangor University with the team, where we won the ward for Welsh Exporter of the Year. It was a fantastic evening and we had a great time celebrating the business success.

In 2020 I was also incredibly proud when the company won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. We learned we had won at the start of the covid pandemic and during a difficult time it was amazing to see that the business was still going from strength to strength.

Sarah Hampson

Sarah Hampson

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I am the ‘slave’ to an opinionated, feisty horse called Luna, who I bred myself. She is a Welsh Cob, so I think she was happy to return to her motherland! We take part in all riding club activities, mainly dressage, showjumping and some cross country.

I also get an additional creative fix assisting a professional photographer at equestrian events and clinics. I should be a much better rider than I am considering the number of lessons I have photographed… Hopefully the photos have improved over the years though!

Sarah Hampson

Sarah Hampson


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