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Advanced Water Rescue Manikin

Blending water rescue training and medical skills acquisition, the Advanced Water Rescue Manikin is a world-first for anyone involved in the rescue and resuscitation of drowned casualties.

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An exciting collaboration between medical simulation experts Lifecast Body Simulation and rescue training manikin manufacturers Ruth Lee allows us to introduce a world-first for water rescue training – the Advanced Water Rescue Manikin.

We want to see a world where appropriate clinical care can be practised in an environment where it will take place for real. That means medical stabilisation at height, in confined spaces, and both "in" and "on" water.

Unlike anything else available to rescue teams, this manikin will allow you to accurately simulate the rescue of a drowning victim from the water and then continue with essential medical care once it is pulled into your boat or onto dry land. This lets both rescuers and medical practitioners train more effectively and more quickly, under pressure and in hostile conditions.

The rugged Ruth Lee outer body aids buoyancy in all waters, whether open waters, pools, lakes and rivers. It will float in a drowned position for ultra-realistic rescues.

The torso of the manikin is an ultra-realistic male form, with all anatomical features you’d expect from a medical simulation manikin for airway management skills. It can be bagged, intubated and simulate a variety of drowning rescue and resuscitation scenarios - a world-first for water rescue training.







This manikin is a revolutionary product for those involved in water rescues where continuation of care and medical skills acquisition is just as important as the rescue training.

It is, therefore, suitable for a range of teams who may be faced with the challenge of reviving a drowned casualty including the military coastguard, fire and rescue services, professional maritime companies (including cruise ships) and other teams within the water rescue sector. 


Available worldwide through a network of Distributors. Find your local stockist using our map, or call 01490 413 282.




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Please refer to the downloadable datasheet for full advice on product specification and product care.

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*Please note - if you plan to use additional weights on the manikin, we advise attaching a rope/line very securely to avoid losing it in deep water. Also, please always remember that the manikin is designed to replicate an unresponsive casualty - in open water, part of the challenge is locating that person! It is advisable to attach a GPS tracker or similar to the manikin for performing any search and rescue training. 

Available Sizes

Name Code Height (m) Weight (kg) NATO Stock No
Adult RLNAWR 1.8 52-54 6910-99-680-0311


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