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Ambulance / EMS / HART

If you work as a paramedic or are part of a specialist HART team, we understand that you need manikins which are designed for specialist training such as patient care, confined spaces and working at height. Your job is varied and your training needs to reflect that variety.

Training Manikins Ambulance / EMS / HART

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Manikins which offer the same level of training variety as your job requires! We understand that HART and paramedic training is about saving lives - but it’s not a perfect world, and your patients could be trapped under rubble, or lying part way down an exposed mountain-side. You need to be prepared to carry our lifesaving skills in challenging environements.

The manikin ranges shown below are our recommendations for manikins used in Ambulance, EMS, HART and paramedic teams based upon 30 years of experience supplying dummies to UK Ambulance Services.

Whether you require a dummy for manual handling, confined space training or airway management, we have the model for you.

Remember, advice is free and we would be pleased to help you to find your perfect training partner. Call us on 01490 413 282 for advice or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration.

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Advice & Articles For Ambulance / EMS / HART Manikins

Ambulance Duty range

Our most popular models within the Ambulance services for all pre hospital training including: confined space, USAR, CBRN, RTC & general handling exercises.

Advanced Water Rescue

A World First for anyone involved in the rescue and resuscitation of drowned casualties.

Patient Handling

For all Health & Safety and emergency evacuation training scenarios including: early mobilisation and working with lifting/transfer and evacuation equipment. Weighing 30 & 50kg

Multi Trauma manikin

One of our more unusual manikins that can simulate amputations and an impalement through the chest

Man Overboard Manikin

Otherwise known as 'Dead Fred' - used extensively by NATO forces, British and US Navies, 100% of UK Fire Services, the RNLI & Coastguards.

Bariatric (Obese)

Weighing in at 90, 180 & 260Kg and designed to help teams train for this rapidly increasing problem

Search & Rescue

A black version of the popular Man Overboard manikin - more difficult to find!

Urban Search / Rescue

Hard wearing Duty manikin with shoutbox - these manikins are ideal for urban Search & Rescue training.

CPR Training

For CPR training in realistic situations away from the classroom e.g.under a vehicle, confined space etc

Mass Casualty

Lightweight, foam filled manikin for when large numbers of casualties are required

Working at Height

These manikins will provide a realistic challenge for anybody at height!

Airway Management

Full Body Airway Management Manikin - take your emergency training out of the classroom

Ligature Manikin

This manikin was developed in conjunction with a leading healthcare trust for training of professionals who face and need to manage ligature hanging on a regular basis.

Bariatric Suit

Light-weight and easy to transport suit to convert manikin into a Bariatric!

Duty Plus Manikin

A up-date on our best-selling Duty Manikin with enhanced features

Confined Space Manikin

Ideal for training in confined spaces or other difficult access locations.

Emergency Evacuation

The ideal tool for effective planning and training for emergency evacuation

Training Manikin Accessories

Browse the range of replacement or optional items to go with our training manikins


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