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Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit

If your team were faced with an obese casualty, would they be able to rescue them safely? Staff in every sector need training to effectively handle heavier people.

This product is the perfect choice where space is limited or when there are not enough people to position a full-weight bariatric manikin in place ready for training.

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Obesity is a very real problem in the UK and across the world and judging by government figures and anecdotal evidence, the problem is rapidly getting worse.

All sectors as well as Fire and Rescue, Hospitals, Ambulance can experience heavier casualties.

But positioning a full-sized and full-weight bariatric manikin can be difficult depending on the training. We are therefore pleased to offer a new solution for Bariatric Training.

In addition to our Bariatric manikins, you can now purchase a Water-fillable suit which converts any adult Duty Range manikin into a Bariatric!

This is a new addition to our Bariatric range and allows customers to place a manikin in situ before adding the weight. It is the perfect choice where space is limited or when there are not enough people to position a full-weight bariatric manikin in place ready for training.

The Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit comes as a complete kit including soft feet, plus all adapters and two short hoses for filling. A water flow meter is also included and allows you to monitor how much water is being added. This comes complete in a sturdy bag for easy carrying and storage.  

The kit is light enough for one person to carry into position and set up the training scenario. Simply place the suit over your existing Duty Range manikin, attach a hosepipe and fill it up with water to achieve the required weight. Up to 150kg of additional weight can be added using water. This process takes 15-20 mins from arrival at the venue to have the manikin set up to train with (depending on water pressure at your venue)

When the training is over, use the special valves and a hosepipe to empty the water, or if you are outside, release the valves to empty the suit.





This product is ideal for anyone who performs or delivers bariatric training, whether as a rescue, or from a general patient handling perspective. 


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**IMPORTANT** - the Water-fillable Bariatric suit is for use on Ruth Lee manikins only. It MUST NOT be worn by a live person. There is the potential for serious risk of injury from wearing the suit, either from compression or as a result of the significant weight. 

Available Sizes

Name Code Height (m) Weight (kg) NATO Stock No
Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit RLBCS 1.8 NA  

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