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Working at Height Training Manikins

This manikin is constructed to provide extra rigidity and reduce slumping when using a rescue harness.

Used globally by Special Rescue teams, Arborists, Health & Safety trainers, Industrial Rescue teams and many more.

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An extremely tough manikin for Working at Height training  in many industries: Wind Turbines, Telecommunications, Stage and Theatre, Scaffolding, Police & Military, Maritime, Factories & Industry, Fire & Rescue, Cleaning and Maintenance, Construction, Pole Top and Tower Rescues.

Effective, realistic training will help to ensure compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (UK) by reducing and controlling the risks involved with Working at Height - our manikins can help achieve this.


In 2020, Ruth Lee Ltd joined IRATA as Associate Members. Click on the logo for details



*PLEASE NOTE: this manikin does not include a rescue harness. You must provide your own rescue harness for training. 



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Moving and handling heavy items carries certain risks. Please read and distribute these guides to all involved in using our training dummies

Working at Height Training Manikins Videos


The RLWAH50 50Kg adult can be considered to be the industry standard, but is also available as a 70Kg version for that extra challenge for rescuers, or a lighter version at 30Kg.

These manikins are essentially a combination of our standard Duty range and the Offshore manikins - construction is the same as the Duty models but the inner chest contains polypropylene plastic strips and closed cell foam, which creates a more rigid structure. This chest-like structure helps the manikin to maintain its shape when used in a harness and prevents 'slumping'.

*PLEASE NOTE: this manikin does not include a rescue harness. You must provide your own rescue harness for training. 

Available Sizes

Name Code Height (m) Weight (kg) NATO Stock No
Adult 30Kg RLWAH30 1.8 30  
Adult 50Kg RLWAH50 1.8 50  
Adult 70Kg RLWAH70 1.8 70 6910-99-567-4392

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