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You don’t need to spend millions to achieve a realistic fire training environment, by using these cost effective fire simulation products you can create very realistic fire training scenarios to suit your budget.

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FireWare Fire Simulation Kit (version 3)

FireWare Fire Simulation Kit (version 3)

Complete kit to easily simulate a fire yourself

All you need to quickly stage a small fire is packed in one box; The Fire Simulation Kit. With this complete set you can easily simulate a fire. This set has... see full description below

Full Description

Complete kit to easily simulate a fire yourself

All you need to quickly stage a small fire is packed in one box; The Fire Simulation Kit. With this complete set you can easily simulate a fire. This set has been the standard for many fire stations and emergency response services in the Netherlands for years.

Simulating a fire

When developing the set, all sensory perceptions that are involved in case of a fire were taken into account, namely seeing, hearing and smelling. The flame effect can be simulated with the Mini Silkflame and a FireSpot. With the FireWare Nimbo smoke machine, you can make this flame image complete and even more realistic. The smoke machine comes with a wireless remote control with a range of up to 50 metres. The Soundbox V3 is added for 45 special sounds for staging. These include the crackling of the fire or someone calling for help.

You can also stimulate the nose and make the scenario come alive by using the Burning Smell Spray. Finally, the set contains a handy distribution block for connection to the mains. It also contains a plug on/off remote control to operate the flame effects wirelessly. Thanks to this click-on/click-off, the exercise becomes even more dynamic.

The SoundBox V3 is included in this new version of the Fire Simulation Kit. This powerful audio player can be included in a Wi-Fi network. The app then allows several SoundBoxes V3 to be controlled simultaneously. This way, the cry for help comes from a different direction than the source of the fire. Very realistic! The FireSpot now is also equipped with a compact stainless steel floor stand. This makes it even quicker and easier to stage the scene.

The Fire Simulation Kit V3 is ideal for an in-house emergency response drill. But also for the staging of an exercise in, for example, a workshop. This then requires the use of a fire engine. The set is mainly used by fire brigade staff to set up exercises. However, fire service instructors also use the set for training purposes. As an addition to the course, they can place draglines in the exercise, or control more powerful smoke machines.


This set contains everything you need to stage a complete fire. The box is made of plastic and has a lid. Inside is a foam filling. The recesses are exactly the right size for the items inside. There is even some space left for your own things!


Please note: Since leaving the European Union, certain products supplied from the continent, including Fireware and Eccotarps, will be subject to additional shipping and customs charges. These start at £90.

Please contact our Head Office on 01490 413 282 for up-to-date quote before ordering.


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